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Why luxury vinyl flooring is so popular

This high quality, premium, and affordable product is both beautiful and durable. With designs inspired by natural wood and stone, we see luxury vinyl (LVF) in every room in the house, some of those being so high end that once only genuine materials would be considered. Read further to learn why at Triple A Flooring Inc we think LVF is the right choice for you.

Water-repellent and durable

Studies show that water and moisture issues are the most significant concern among consumers, but there’s no need to worry about that with LVF. When something is waterproof, it means no liquid can ever penetrate, whether it’s spilled on or submerged. The water-repellency is inherent, with the product being made of 100% waterproof materials. The vinyl itself is waterproof, as is this core. The product is also multi-layered that aids both durability and waterproofing; a top clear melamine wear layer protects the floor from scratches and scuffs and keeps spills at the top just waiting to be wiped off.

Stylish savings

This is sometimes referred to as vinyl plank flooring or LVT flooring. That is because the material can be cut into longboards to mimic hardwood or square, groutable, tile-sized pieces that can be used to imitate stone or tile. Many feel the extra seams add even more to the realism.

Whichever form it takes, images are always created with high-definition photography, so knots, raised grains, wormholes, swirls, and veining variations are clearly on display. The images are also available in an almost unlimited number of colors. Micro beveling and embossing add depth, dimension, and textured appearances such as wire-brushed, hand-scraped, distressed, and weathered appearances.

Thickness counts

Heavier vinyl is quieter, hides subfloor imperfections, and can accept more detailed, intricate patterning. The ideal thickness is at least 8-mm or higher, with a 20-mil wear layer. LVF is also low maintenance, only requiring a daily sweeping and periodic mopping with a manufacturer-approved cleaner. Installation can be simple, too, with the fast and uncomplicated floating floor technique. Here, the pieces click together to mat and then hover over the subfloor without nails or glue.

Explore, touch, and feel luxury vinyl flooring at the Triple A Flooring Inc showroom in Whittier, CA, or browse our inventory virtually. Either way you’ll also get a free estimate! We service Whittier, CA, Santa Fe Springs, CA, Downey, CA, Norwalk, CA, Brea, CA and La Mirada, CA.